With over 100 weddings under her belt, no two days are the same for L’Amour Phuket Wedding owner and planner, Sujira.

From working behind the scenes at a wedding to deliver a seamless transition from the ceremony to the reception, to speaking with caterers or sound technicians months in advance, Sujira’s dream job is a diverse one.

But above all, her greatest hope is for something she cannot plan for: that there is no rain on a couple’s wedding day!

“I’m very so happy when the wedding runs smoothly: I can go home and sleep well!” she admits.

“I give the same attention to each wedding as I would to my own. I want to give the best to each couple that asks me to help them, just as I would want the best at my wedding.”

Sujira’s role begins with an initial meeting with those looking to tie the knot. Once they have explained to her what they dream of for their Big Day, she gets to work.

“The most challenging part of my job is to meet 100% of my clients’ expectations. I want them to trust me and feel like L’Amour are family to them too,” said the 29-year-old.

At every wedding she organises, Sujira will be on stand-by at the event until the party ends – just in case something unexpected happens!

Sujira explained: “At one wedding I worked on, the couple were using their dear friend as a celebrant. But ten minutes before the ceremony began we discovered he had diarrhoea and could not host the wedding ceremony.”

“It was like in a movie: the heavens opened and we had heavy rain all morning. The couple looked at me for help with pleading eyes.

“So I moved the wedding to a small venue with a roof to shelter them from the rain and I took the place of their celebrant- in the absence of their poor friend.”

Working as a wedding planner was an opportunity Sujira did not hesitate to take in her former job at a 5* resort on the island. Her boss offered her the position and she never looked back.

“This job is my dream,” she beamed, “I do it for the couple’s smiles and tears of happiness. It should be the most perfect day of their married lives and I do my best to deliver.”

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